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Legal SSI Specialist C-Suite, Board, Government Consulting

Guy is an expert on creating legal self-sovereign identities for humans, AI systems and bots. He has written over 100 articles and papers about this,  His goal is to create for:


  • Legal self-sovereign identity (LSSI), from birth on, both physically and digitally, leveraging what people use today, e.g. driver’s licenses, identity cards, etc.
  • Ability to legally register a person’s digital identities, and tie them to the legal physical human being

AI System/Bots

  • Ability to legally register their identities globally, locally managed

LinkedIn For Quick Article References:

At the bottom of any LinkedIn article I’ve written, is an up-to-date listing of most of the oddles of articles, architecture docs, etc. I’ve written.  Here’s the link to my LinkedIn profile. The Papers section of this website has links to older papers, etc. I’ve produced

Huntington Ventures Ltd., Legal SSI Specialist, legal self-sovereign identities, C-Suite, Board, Government Consulting, Guy Huntington

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