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Reducing Risks and Costs on Identity and SSO Projects

If you are like most other enterprises, identity management/SSO vendors and large consulting firms are trying to sell you their products and/or consulting services.

  • Are their other lower cost alternatives?
  • What about the on-going expensive maintenance costs?
  • What are the options in the marketplace for authentication?
  • How can you avoid the costly budget and time over-runs that other enterprise identity projects have?
  • Is what you are being told true?
  • Are they telling you the truth about all the things you need to know about identity federation?
  • Who out there is an independent consultant who can quickly give you wise advice before taking the financial and contractual leap?

Guy Huntington Can Save You Time and Money

Guy Huntington is an independent identity management consultant with over 15 years hands on experience with a multitude of different identity vendors (including IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, Sun, Oblix, Entrust and ForgeRock). He has lead and rescued many large Fortune 500 and government identity projects, often taking them over on their second or third attempts at SSO and identity management implementations.

Guy can quickly:

  • Provide vendor independent advice
  • Avoid potential technical, business process and political missteps that can cost you hundred of thousands or millions of dollars and long implementation timelines
  • Give you a range of two factor authentication solutions to select from based on price, security, ease of use and standards
  • Prepare architecture, program and project management advice to steer you around common pitfalls
  • Advise you on how to create a highly available architecture
  • Show you how to create business and technical processes to rapidly and cost effectively integrate applications into your architecture which mitigates the risk of only having a small number of applications integrated
  • Create a cloud based identity strategy that works securely
  • Present you with a sound roadmap, proposed implementation plan with costing and resource requirements
  • Recommend lower cost open source solutions that will scale and perform under load
  • Educate you on federation technical, business and legal requirements


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